Machine Learning for Computer Security


SemesterSommer 2021
Course typeLecture
LecturerJun.-Prof. Dr. Wressnegger
AudienceInformatik Master & Bachelor
Credits3 ECTS

Remote Lecture

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this course is going to be held remotely. For this, we are recording the lecture and additionally meet for a short live session once a week.

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The lecture is about combining the fields of machine learning and computer security in practice. Many tasks in the computer security landscape are based on manual labor, such as searching for vulnerabilities or analyzing malware. Here, machine learning can be used to establish a higher degree of automation, providing more "intelligent" security solutions. However, also systems based on machine learning can be attacked and need to be secured.

The module introduces students to theoretic and practical aspects of machine learning in computer security. We cover basics on features, feature engineering, and feature spaces in the security domain, discuss the application of clustering and anomaly detection for malware analysis and intrusion detection, as well as, the discovery of vulnerabilities using machine learning. Additionally, we discuss the interpretability and robustness of learning-based systems.


21. AprilIntroduction
28. MayMachine Learning 101, ,
05. MayFrom Data to Features, ,
12. MayEfficient String Processing, ,
19. MayAnomaly Detection for Intrusion Detection, ,
26. MayNo lecture
02. JuneMalware Classification, ,
09. JuneConcept DriftLIVE!
16. JuneLearning Vulnerable Code Patterns, ,
→ BonusLearning-based Fuzzing, ,
23. JuneExplainable Machine Learning, ,
30. JuneAdversarial Machine Learning 1, ,
07. JulyAdversarial Machine Learning 2, ,
14. JulySummary and OutlookLIVE!
04. AugustWritten Exam

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